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Certification Process

TRECCERT offers Management System certification services for organizations seeking to gain competitive advantage, improve their process, increase profit and value and fulfill standard requirements after the implementation of a management system.


The Management System Auditing Process ISO 19011

Preparation Stage

During the MS Certification Preparation stage TRECCERT and the client organization should get in touch and build a professional relationship. TRECCERT should be informed regarding the standard or management system against which the enterprise is interested to get certified, and understand its’ needs and objectives in order to prepare an offer for the client. The MS certification activities must not begin without signing a contractual agreement between the client organization and TRECCERT.
Signing of the contractual agreement is then followed by the planning of the Stage 1 audit through which the client organization has to go in order for TRECCERT to understand and gain knowledge over the client’s objectives, processes, policies and risks. 

Certification Audit – Stage One

TRECCERT will perform the stage 1 audit in the client organization where the organization’s readiness for the Stage 2 Certification Audit will be assessed. During the Stage 1 Audit, the organization’s documented information will be reviewed and site conditions will be evaluated. TRECCERT will issue the audit report to its’ client after the stage 1 audit. The audit report highlights auditors’ observations and organizations non-conformities, if any. Non-conformities are divided in two categories, namely major and minor nonconformities. After the Stage 1 Audit and the correction of non-conformities (if any), preparations for performing the Stage 2 audit will commence.

Certification Audit – Stage Two

Through the Stage 2 Audit, TRECCERT will be able to determine whether the client’s management system has been implemented based on standard requirements and is aligned to the organization’s objectives. Stage 2 Audit will be followed by the development of the stage 2 audit report which will outline any areas of concern, opportunities for improvement and non-conformities. The areas of concern identified in the Stage 2 Audit report should be resolved after having received the report. The organization should resolve the non-conformities by implementing corrective actions before the certificate is issued by TRECCERT. To check the progress of the organization’s management system and the implementation of corrective action, TRECCERT team will visit the organization within a short period of time, if necessary.

Certification Decision

Granting the Certificate – The client organization will grant the Management System Certification if the certification requirements have been fulfilled.

Scope of the Certification – The client organization will be issued a certificate of registration by TRECCERT. Such certificate will outline the scope of certification which may change or be modified after the surveillance audit.

Follow-up Audits

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Surveillance Audits

Surveillance Audits – The client organization must go through surveillance audits at least once a year. It should be noted that the first surveillance audit which follows after the initial certification must not be more than 12 months from the certification date.

Recertification Audits – The certificate expires after three years of having obtained it. The client organization must go through a recertification process before the expiry of certification.

Transfer of the Certification

Enterprises that have already granted the management system certification by another certification body have the right and opportunity to transfer certification at TRECCERT. In order to transfer the certification, TRECCERT has to verify and validate the authenticity of the certification and ensure the effective implementation of the management system standard. To transfer the certification, the enterprise might not have to go through the steps of granting initial certification, however, such decision will be taken by TRECCERT after the enterprise’s management system complexity and certificate have been analyzed.