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MS Certification Rules and Policies

The Use of the TRECCERT Name and Certification Mark or Logo

Enterprises that have been certified by TRECCERT by demonstrating compliance and consistency with the offered schemes and have an active certification status are authorized to use the TRECCERT Certification Logo and Mark. TRECCERT Certification Logo and Mark shall not be transferred to any other individual or enterprise and is valid only for the individuals or enterprises that have gone through the TRECCERT certification process.

The certification logo and mark shall be associated only with the individual or enterprise to whom the certificate was issued by TRECCERT. Certified individuals shall not use the trademark in any form which indicates that an enterprise is certified by TRECCERT, if not true. Certified enterprises shall not use the trademark in any form which indicates certification of any activity outside the scope of the certificate or of the certification scheme.

TRECCERT Certification Logo and Mark, if used for advertising purposes, shall be displayed entirely and contain the trademark symbol. Unauthorized use and misuse of the TRECCERT Certification Logo and Mark will lead TRECCERT to take legal actions in accordance with the State law to protect its’ mark.

Handling Requests for Information

Certified enterprises and those seeking certification can request information from TRECCERT at any time and get their response within 48 hours. Information that can be requested by any enterprise includes:

  • Information regarding the geographical areas in which TRECCERT operates.
  • The status of a given certification.
  • The name, related normative documents, scope and geographical location (city or country) for a specific certified client.

TRECCERT reserves the right to reject or provide limited information to enterprises who make a request in case such information poses a high risk to the rights and freedoms of other clients or for security reasons. For more information regarding what type of information can be processed by TRECCERT, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Certification Maintenance

Granting Certification

Organizations interested in being granted initial management system certification must go through the TRECCERT process steps defined below:

  • Fulfillment of TRECCERT MS certification application process steps.
  • Establishment of appropriate client relationship and signing of contractual agreements.
  • Provision, revision and assessment of information obtained to determine and ensure its’ sufficiency and compliance with the TRECCERT certification requirements and management system requirements. 
  • Revision and evaluation of corrective actions taken to close out non-conformities.
  • Revision and acceptance of corrective action plans. Assessment of compliance with the scope of certification.


Refusing Certification

TRECCERT reserves the right to refuse applications for certification or refuse to provide any documents that verify compliance with specific requirements if the applicant fails to fulfill any requirement of the standard, law, certification scheme or any contractual obligation that it has with TRECCERT. In case of any refusal, TRECCERT will document and provide the client organization or the applicant with the basis upon which the certification has been refused.


Maintenance and Renewal of Management System Certificate 

TRECCERT offers certification maintenance and certificate renewal services. Organizations that have already gone through initial certification have to go through a TRECCERT certification maintenance process which includes steps such as:

  • Revision and assessment of processes, policies, systems and procedures to ensure and demonstrate compliance with management system standard requirements.
  • Revision and assessment of compliance with TRECCERT certification requirements.
  • Revision and assessment of compliance with contractual obligations and code of conduct.


Certificate Suspension

TRECCERT reserves the right to suspend client organizations’ certificate for 6 months in case of continual refusal to take corrective actions or intentional non-compliance with contractual agreements, TRECCERT certification requirements or management system requirements. TRECCERT will document and provide the client organization with the basis upon which the certificate has been suspended. Common reasons that push TRECCERT to suspend certification include:

  • Repetitive non-conformities.
  • Repetitive inappropriate behavior and refusal or failure to meet certification, management system or legal requirements.
  • Non allowance of conduction of surveillance activities from the client’s side.
  • Voluntary request for the suspension of the certificate submitted by the client.


Restoring or Withdrawing Certification

TRECCERT reserves the right to withdraw the client’s organization MS certificate in case the client continuously demonstrates nonconformance with the requirements, refuses to allow TRECCERT auditor to visit the certified facilities or has failed to pay its’ obligations regarding the certification maintenance or renewal fees as agreed upon in the contract. TRECCERT reserves the right to withdraw the client organizations’ certification right after the client organization is notified about the withdrawal and no action from the client’s side has been taken.

TRECCERT reserves the right to restore the certificate in accordance with ISO 17021-1 requirements in case the client organization has demonstrated compliance with the requirements and has corrected the actions for which the certificate has been withdrawn or suspended.


Expanding or Reducing the Certification Scope

TRECCERT reserves the rights to reduce the client’s scope of certification. The scope of certification can be reduced in case the client organization does not fulfill the management system standard requirements for the given scope. Client organizations are able to apply for expansion of the certification scope and TRECCERT reserves the right to expand the certification scope of the client organization only if the applicable requirements have been met.