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Information Security Certification Program

TreccerT certification programs reach professionals globally, offering programs tailored to the needs of professionals in various fields, such as data protection, cybersecurity, business continuity and more. The Information Security Certification Program offers training courses at the Foundation and Professional level, the former preceding the latter in the TreccerT certification path. Explore below to find the certification program that suits your interests.

Certified Information Security Foundation

Certified Information Security Foundation professionals have a basic understanding of information security, related concepts and best practices. The certified professionals are able to understand the very foundation of information security, its’ elements, and infosec management systems. This certification provides a solid foundation for professionals wishing to pursue a higher level of certification within the TreccerT Certification path for Information Security.

Certified Information Security Professional

Certified Information Security Professional candidates have profound knowledge and skillset in Information Security based on the ISO/IEC 27001 requirements. This credential is suitable for professionals who are responsible for the partial or overall setup of the information security management system (ISMS) in their workplace. In order to successfully qualify for the highest level within the Treccert certification schemes, candidates must achieve the Professional Certificate and have extensive experience in information security.

Certification Track

Obtaining an Information Security Certification validates a professional’s knowledge in Information Security equivalent to the respective Certificate obtained. The Certification Track guides the professional from the foundation level to the highest level, by offering certification for each step of the way.

Certification Requirements

The applicants interested in TreccerT certifications will be awarded the desired certification upon meeting the following requirements:

Successful Completion of the Exam

The successful completion of the exam shows that the applicant has the required level of knowledge in the certification program of their interest. Candidates that successfully complete the exam will be notified via email on their result, where TreccerT will provide all the required information necessary to apply for certification. For further details, please check TreccerT Examination Rules and Policies in the website.

The TreccerT exams have been developed in accordance with the results from the Field Expert Panel study, and the competency domains that TreccerT has retrieved from the results. Exams contain multiple-choice questions and are closed book. The exam duration is 3 hours for Lead courses and 1 hour for Foundation courses, and the passing score is 60%.

Submission of Application for Certification

The candidates that successfully pass the exam shall fill in and submit an application form indicating the scope of certification and all the relevant details of the applicant.


Candidates that wish to attain TreccerT certifications should at least have secondary education.

Professional Experience

Candidates that wish to attain TreccerT certifications should at least have the professional experience outlined in the table below. (We will include a table for each certification program)

Adherence to the Continuing Professional Development Program

Candidates are required to provide the following CPD credits to TreccerT:


No CPDs required

90 CPDs for initial certification
30 CPDs for renewal
90 CPDs for recertification
The objective of the TreccerT Continuing Professional Development Program include:

a) Ensure certified persons maintain the competencies through update of existing knowledge and skills in the area in which they are certified
b) ensure certified persons keep pace with current standards
c) ensure certified persons maintain and enhance the knowledge and skills necessary to provide professional services that are up to date
d) ensure certified persons are capable of making a meaningful contribution in their workplace
e) ensure certified persons have an increased public confidence in their profession
TreccerT required a maintenance fee and a minimum of 30 CPDs annually. Furthermore, 90 CPDs are required over a three-year fixed period.

Adherence to TreccerT Code of Ethics

Candidates that wish to attain TreccerT certifications should abide to TreccerT Code of Ethics. Please check our Code of Ethics here.

Adherence to TreccerT Certification Requirements

Certification candidates shall abide to the certification requirements set by TreccerT. The certification requirements are available on TreccerT website for all interested parties.