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Learning Materials

TRECCERT learning materials are developed to meet the current needs of ICT professionals, whether they are beginners, intermediate or experts. Our learning materials provide the necessary information related to a particular topic based on candidate handbooks, trainer slides, practical examples and real-life case studies. TRECCERT learning materials are reviewed by subject-matter experts and delivered to our end-clients worldwide by TRECCERT partners.



TRECCERT has developed foundation and professional handbooks to meet the career needs of every ICT professional. The candidate handbooks for the foundation courses are for those individuals who want to acquire the fundamental facts, information and concepts related to a particular field (e.g. information security, data protection, business continuity, IT services management, cybersecurity and more). The candidate handbooks for the professional courses are for those individuals that have a particular background but want to strengthen their skill-set and abilities in areas such as information security, data protection, business continuity and more based on ISO standards and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Trainer Slides

TRECCERT has developed trainer slides for each candidate handbook. The purpose of the trainer slides is to aid, both the trainer and candidates digest the learning material, by effectively conveying information that is easy to be understood and memorized.
Trainer Slides can help the candidates identify the key topics and organize their thinking process. Each Handbook has unique slides that explain a concept, requirement, process, tool or methodology.