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Partner Level Schemes

In order to offer a wide range of its training programs and certification services worldwide, TRECCERT has established partnerships with professional training organizations who deliver training courses for organizations and end-clients. TRECCERT Training Partners are committed to deliver high quality training programs and certification examinations in different locations across the world. TRECCERT Partners are determined based on a progressive system, which requires from partners to meet specific criteria to get started or advance to the next highest level. The TRECCERT partner level scheme offers the below-mentioned levels of commitment.

Treccert Silver Partner

TRECCERT Silver Partner

The Silver Partner Program is an entry-level partnership at TRECCERT, which authorizes partners to offer TRECCERT training courses and examination services to end-clients.

Treccert Gold Partner

TRECCERT Gold Partner

Gold Partners are Silver Partners who have demonstrated their commitment to TRECCERT and proven customer success in delivering training courses and examination services.

Treccert Platinum Partner

TRECCERT Platinum Partner

The Platinum Partner Program is a progression for Gold Partners who have exceeded TRECCERT service expectations, and scaled customer experience in a growing business that supports TRECCERT brand.

Treccert Academy Partner

TRECCERT Academy Partner

Academy Partners are the Platinum Partners who have met TRECCERT highest service criteria and are chosen to participate in the extended benefits offered by TRECCERT.