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Training Courses

TRECCERT offers a range of quality training courses, developed to provide individuals the skills and strategic edge in the ICT industry. We deliver the very best training programs for professionals and organizations on a wide range of topics with emphasis on current ICT best practices and on demanded competencies. Choose a training course below to get started.

Cybersecurity Professional

Course Overview

The Cybersecurity Professional training course is a professional-level course is developed based on the ISO/IEC 27032 guidelines. In this four-day course, participants are provided with a practical understanding of cybersecurity fundamentals, cybersecurity challenges, technical and non technical controls associated with cybersecurity risks, and cybersecurity strategy deployment.

This training provides in-depth explanation of key concepts, guidelines, current cybersecurity issues and trends, dependencies between cybersecurity and other security domains, and a framework to ensure cybersecurity improvement.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what cyber security is
  • Understand the ISO/IEC 27032 Guidelines
  • Understand the cybersecurity risk assessment process
  • Learn how to build a cybersecurity strategy
  • Learn how to execute the cybersecurity strategy
  • Learn how to evaluate and improve the cybersecurity strategy

Who Should Attend?

The Cybersecurity Professional training course is developed for personnel involved in cybersecurity management, professionals working in a legal, risk management, compliance or other related department, and professionals wanting to increase their competency in cybersecurity management.