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About Treccert

TRECCERT is a certification body for persons, providing certifications that attest the competencies of ICT professionals.

Our Philosophy

The TRECCERT vision is to become a global leader in personnel certifications. TRECCERT believes integrity is essential in its’ relationship with certified clients and the ICT community.

Strategic goals and strong leadership guide TRECCERT's reliability and personal responsibility towards honoring its’ commitments. The organization is committed to achieving the desired results at all levels of the organization.

TRECCERT believes in providing high quality services through competence and resourcefulness, and strives to create a professional environment that nurtures the desire for its’ certifications and services. To extend such commitments, TRECCERT intends to pursue accreditation against ISO/IEC 17024:2012.

TRECCERT believes in fostering growth through continuous educational opportunities and pursuit of new opportunities, and is determined to continuously improve its’ services through innovation and field-specific expertise, striving to create value for all parties involved in the certification activities.

TRECCERT believes that customer focus is essential in the certification industry, and is committed to provide exceptional services with the client at the heart of the organization.

Our Certification Values

TRECCERT certifications validate the knowledge, skills and ability of individuals to meet the requirements of different compliance frameworks. TRECCERT certifies individuals in information security, data protection, business continuity, ICT service management and related areas. The following outlines the values of holding a TRECCERT certification:

Our certification values define how we do business and interact with our business partners and their clients. TRECCERT certification is a platform for ICT professionals to enhance their professional credibility, knowledge and skills for more job opportunities, improve reputation among peers and reassure further professional development.