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Policy on Certificate, Logo and Marks

The certificate, logo and marks are the property of TRECCERT. TRECCERT policy on the use of certificate, logo and marks has been established to provide clear and definitive rules for the acceptable manner in which these assets should be used. TRECCERT encourages the individuals who have earned a TRECCERT Certification to use the designated certificate, logo and mark at the discretion of TRECCERT.

Authorized Use of Certificate, Logo and Marks

Individuals authorized to use the TRECCERT certificate, logo and marks are limited to those individuals who have been granted the certification by TRECCERT and who satisfy all maintenance and recertification requirements established by TRECCERT.  

Prohibited Use of Certificate, Logo and Marks

The use of TRECCERT certificate, logo and marks by individuals who have not been granted certification is clearly prohibited.  

Use of Certificate, Logo and Marks in Professional Manner

TRECCERT certificate, logo and marks should be used in a professional manner in accordance with this policy.

TRECCERT Reputation and Goodwill

TRECCERT certificate, logo and marks should not be used in a manner that violates the rights of others, is false or misleading, violates any law or regulation and any other action that may damage the TRECCERT reputation and goodwill. 

Non-Revision and Non-Alteration

TRECCERT certificate, logo and marks should not be revised or altered in any way. These assets should be displayed in the same form as described in the TRECCERT Brand Book.

Non-Assignability and Non-Transferability

TRECCERT certificate, logo and marks should be used only by certified individuals, and should not be assigned or transferred to any other individual or entity. 

Assessment on Misuse of Certificate, Logo and Marks

TRECCERT investigates all instances in which TRECCERT certification logo and marks are misused and reserves the right to take action in accordance with this policy.  TRECCERT conducts an annual assessment and takes appropriate action(s) in case of any misuse in accordance with the certification terms and conditions.

Reporting on Misuse of Certificate, Logo and Marks

Any misuse of the TRECCERT certificate, logo and marks should be reported to TRECCERT. TRECCERT reserves the right to report any misuse of TRECCERT certificate, logo and marks on its website.

Suspension and Revocation of Permission of Usage of Certificate, Logo and Marks

TRECCERT retains the right to suspend or revoke any permission to use of TRECCERT certificate, logo and marks. Upon notice of misuse, TRECCERT retain the right to provide recommendations for improvement or suspend/revoke the permission based on the case severity and condition.

Please refer to the TRECCERT Brand Book to see examples and guidelines of proper usage of the TRECCERT certificate, logo and marks.

TRECCERT affiliated parties such as trainers, partners and certified persons can make a request for TRECCERT Brand Assets via email to