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Certification Rules and Policies

About TRECCERT Certifications

TRECCERT offers valid and reliable certification programs to individuals that want to demonstrate that they have the knowledge and skills required to perform critical functions in their related fields. 

Note: Completion of a particular training course is not a prerequisite for applying for TRECCERT certification. Candidates can use various methods to prepare, including third-party training and self-study, as long as they are aligned with and reference the requirements of relevant standards.

Why Should You Earn a TRECCERT Credential?

  1. TRECCERT credentials serve as a benchmark of competency for various professions.
  2. TRECCERT credentials increase job security by validating that a certified individual possesses the required competency in a particular field.
  3. TRECCERT credentials help professionals expand their career opportunities locally and globally.
  4. TRECCERT credentials denote that a certified individual is committed towards the enhancement of knowledge and skills throughout her/his professional career.
  5. TRECCERT credentials ensure respect and credibility among peers, leaders, clients, investors and other important stakeholders.

Initial Certification

TRECCERT certifications require individuals to meet certain knowledge (successful completion of the exam) and qualification requirements (education and professional experience) before they apply for certification. Individuals interested in TRECCERT certifications will be awarded the desired designation upon meeting the following requirements:

  1. Successful Completion of Exam
  2. Submission of an Application for Certification
  3. Adherence to the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Program
  4. Adherence to TRECCERT Code of Ethics
  5. Adherence to TRECCERT Certification Requirements

Note: Please refer to Certification Process for more details regarding initial certification requirements. Alternatively, check the Candidate Handbook.


TRECCERT requires candidates to adhere to the Continuing Professional Education Program, by requesting candidates to present evidence of their continual professional development and pay the maintenance fee annually or triannually. Through this program, TRECCERT evaluates that the candidates:

  • Maintain the competencies through an update of existing knowledge and skills in the area in which they are certified.
  • Maintain pace with current standards.
  • Maintain and enhance the knowledge and skills necessary to provide professional services that are up to date.
  • Maintain increased public confidence in their profession.

How to Recertify?

The recertification cycle begins on January 1st of the year following the year in which candidates are certified. To maintain and be eligible to renew TRECCERT credentials, candidates are required to:

  1. Earn at least 90 CPE credits during the three-year recertification cycle (30 CPEs per year, recommended).
  2. Submit the CPE log to annually, within the first month of the year for the CPE earned (if applicable) during the previous year.
  3. Ensure the annual maintenance fee (AMF) is paid upon submitting the CPE report. Alternatively, candidates can opt to pay the triannual maintenance fee (TMF) before the end of the full recertification cycle.*
  4. Maintain a record of CPE activities, credits and related evidence.

For more information about the recertification requirements, please refer to Candidate Handbook.

*The AMF and TMF prices are listed in this website under the certification program of your choosing, if applicable

Certification Suspension, Withdrawal, and Level Change

For any breach of certification requirements, TRECCERT serves a warning notice to the certified individual requiring taking corrective actions to resolve the situation.

In case the certified individual has provided sufficient evidence within 30 days after the notice has been served, no further action is taken. Otherwise, TRECCERT suspends, withdraws or changes the level of the certification in accordance with the policy below.

Criteria of Certification Suspension

TRECCERT suspends the certification under the following circumstances: 

  • Failure to comply with the certification requirements. 
  • Failure to follow the recertification process.  
  • Failure to comply with any of the terms and conditions.  
  • Failure to comply with any of the provisions of the agreement(s).  
  • Failure to provide verifiable information in the Certification Application Form. 
  • Violation of TRECCERT contractual requirements, including unpaid invoices. 
  • The validity period of the certificate has expired, as stated on the certificate.  
  • The certified individual voluntarily requested the suspension of the certificate.  

The certified individual whose certificate is suspended should take the necessary corrective actions before the end of the suspension period. Failure to resolve the issues that have resulted in suspension in a time established by TRECCERT (6 months), the certified individual is served with notice of withdrawal or scope reduction of the certificate. 

Criteria of Certification Withdrawal

TRECCERT withdraws the certification under the following circumstances:

  • Failure to resolve any issue related to suspension within six (6) months. 
  • Failure to pay all invoices that are overdue.  
  • Misuse of the TRECCERT certificate during the suspension period.  
  • Misuse of the TRECCERT certificate that has expired.  
  • The certified individual voluntarily requested the withdrawal of the certificate.  
  • The certified individual terminated the contractual relationship with TRECCERT. 

Criteria for Changing the Level of Certification

The level of certification can be changed if the candidate provides evidence during the renewal of the credential already obtained.

Expansion of the Level of Certification

Certified Applicants should submit an application to expand the personnel certification at any time. An expansion occurs when a certified individual chooses to upgrade the certification to a higher grade of their certification program. During the expansion application process, certified persons are required to provide additional documentation to show evidence of competencies for the grade they wish to upgrade to.

Reduction of the Level of Certification

TRECCERT reduces the certification to a lower level under the following circumstances: 

  • After the evaluation of the initial application for certification, the Certification Coordinator mandates a lower level of certification for the certified individual.  
  • Failure to resolve any certification issue during the suspension/withdrawal period.  
  • Failure to follow the recertification process and provide all requested information.  
  • Failure to pay overdue invoices, including Annual Maintenance Fee (AMF). 
  • The certified individual voluntarily requested to reduce the certification to a lower level.1
  • The certified individual fails to provide evidence of their declared experience.

1 Certified individuals can submit an application to reduce the personnel certification level at any time. A reduction occurs when a certified individual chooses to downgrade the certification to a lower level of their certification program.  During the reduction process, certified individuals are required to provide additional documentation to show evidence of their competencies.