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Business Principles

Independence Statement

TRECCERT declares that it is an independent certification body that performs certification activities independent of any other entity having an interest in the industry. TRECCERT declares that all certification activities are carried out with professional skepticism, integrity and objectivity.

To remain unbiased and free from conflict of interest, TRECCERT has established policies, procedures and rules regarding the relationship between TRECCERT and its’ clients. Such policies, procedures and rules ensure that TRECCERT maintains its’ independence when engaged in certification activities with its clients and other entities.

Impartiality Statement

TRECCERT declares that it undertakes its’ certification activities in an impartial manner that deserves the confidence of all customers and stakeholders. We are committed to identifying threats to impartiality on an ongoing basis, through our well-established structures regarding our applicants, candidates and certified persons.

TRECCERT undertakes the necessary measures to eliminate or minimize the potential conflict of interest arising from our certification activities, by identifying, analyzing and documenting all potential sources of conflict of interest.

TRECCERT's top management is committed to impartiality in certification activities, and has established an impartiality committee to monitor TRECCERT's impartiality policy maintenance. The statement above is in accordance with and fully addresses the requirements set forth in ISO 17024:2012, clause 4.3.

Privacy Statement

TRECCERT aims to show its’ commitment towards the protection of personal data of its’ customers, partners, website visitors and subscribers through compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

TRECCERT declares to have taken measures towards the safeguarding of information obtained through the processing means set by the General Data Protection Regulation. Processing of personal data through TRECCERT is done solely based on the consent of its’ clients. To understand how your data is managed by TRECCERT, please check out our Privacy Policy.

Code of Ethics

TRECCERT is committed to abiding to high ethical standards, and conducting all activities on ethical grounds, thereby gaining the trust and confidence of customers and stakeholders. It is vital to our organization that such commitment extends to everyone involved in the business of TRECCERT.

TRECCERT sets forth this Code of Ethics and expects all certified professionals to abide to it.

  1. Commit to act independently, with integrity, and objectivity.
  2. Commit to act professionally, accurately, ethically, and with responsibility.
  3. Comply with any laws, rules, regulations, or industry-specific standards of the place and field where professional activities are being performed.
  4. Comply with TRECCERT requirements, policies, rules, and regulations relevant to a particular certification scheme or profession.
  5. Agree not to share, disseminate, or otherwise disclose any information pertaining to the TRECCERT course, examination and certification materials, processes, platforms, and other related proprietary or confidential information, unless required by law.
  6. Understand that the TRECCERT recertification period is three (3) years and that the cancellation of certification does not forgo your liability of the certification fee.
  7. Agree not to present fraudulent evidence or communicate false information that may compromise the integrity of the personnel certification process, including credentials, certification, recertification, upgrades, or transfers.
  8. Strive to increase the competence and prestige of the profession by upholding the highest standards of professional conduct related to the TRECCERT certifications.
  9. Understand that TRECCERT encourages its certified individuals to freely report any event or incident that may breach TRECCERT’s Code of Ethics.
  10. Understand that any breach of this Code of Ethics may lead to warnings, suspension, or withdrawal of certification, in accordance with TRECCERT’s disciplinary procedures.
  11. Understand that TRECCERT certifications are suspended or terminated for, but not limited to the following reasons: failure to pay initial certification, recertification and annual maintenance fees, and failure to abide by the TRECCERT Code of Ethics.
  12. Agree not to practice during the period of any suspension, revocation or other restriction on the certification issued by TRECCERT.
  13. Agree to place credential(s) on inactive status for any adversity that might interfere with their professional practice.

Violations of the TRECCERT's Code of Ethics or failure to report potential violations may result in disciplinary actions.