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Statement of Purpose


As a certification body committed to the highest standards, TRECCERT’s mission is to enhance the career prospect of our community members by guiding them towards our recognized certification and trainings which enables them to demonstrate their professional competence. Striving for sustainability, TRECCERT believes in the social responsibility of enterprises and building up a non-discriminatory environment.


The TRECCERT vision is to become a global leader in personnel certifications.


The TRECCERT values are:

Professional Integrity

We believe integrity is essential in our relationship with certified candidates and the entire professional community. We are determined to treat our clients and employees with integrity, as well as resolve issues, fairly and objectively.


We believe strategic goals and strong leadership guide our reliability and personal responsibility towards honoring our commitments. We are committed to achieve the desired results at all levels of the organization.


We believe in providing high quality services through competence and resourcefulness. We strive to create a professional environment that nurtures the desire for our certifications and services.


We believe that an ideal working environment is one where there is collaboration, thought diversity, and honest communication. We are committed to create a culture of empowerment and collaboration in our organization.


We believe in fostering growth through continuous educational opportunities and pursuit of new opportunities. We are determined to continuously improve our services through innovation and field-specific expertise, striving to create value for all parties involved in our certification activities.

Customer Focus

We believe that customer focus is essential in the certification industry. We are committed to providing exceptional services with the client at the heart of our organization.