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GDPR Training Program

GDPR Essentials

Course Overview

TRECCERT GDPR Essentials is an introductory-level course developed to provide individuals with fundamental knowledge in data protection. The training course introduces key associated terminology, concepts, practices and frameworks.

Course Outline

Learning Objectives

• Know and understand the core elements of data protection, data protection laws, regulations and acts

• Know and understand the TRECCERT data protection framework and its domains

• Know and understand data protection form a legal point of view and get familiar with data protection acts and legislations outside the EU

• Know and understand the technical aspects of data protection

• Know and understand the governance and management aspects of data protection in an organization

Target Audience

The GDPR Essentials training course is developed for individuals interested in gaining basic competency in data protection, for example:

• Individuals and professionals working in roles such as data analysts, information security, IT professionals, and privacy officers who need to understand and implement data protection regulations and standards.

• Businesses and organizations of all sizes, particularly those in industries such as finance, healthcare, and technology that handle sensitive personal and financial data.

• Individuals and professionals who are looking to advance their career in data privacy and security.

• Individuals and professionals who want to be able to protect their own personal data and that of their clients.

Course Details


1 Day(s)

  • English

Classroom and online


8 Credits

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