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MS Audit Training Program

Auditor Essentials

Course Overview

TRECCERT Auditor Essentials is an introductory-level course developed to provide individuals with fundamental knowledge in auditing. The training course introduces key auditing terminology, concepts, practices and frameworks.

Course Outline

Learning Objectives

• Know and understand the nature and purpose of an audit, including basic concepts, principles and best practices in auditing.

• Know and understand different types of audit and the corresponding standards.

• Know, understand and be able to participate in audits and other related activities.

• Know and understand the basic methods used during an audit, such as interviews, checklists, samples, analysis and documentation.

• Know, understand and be able to support audits in the role of the auditee.

Target Audience

The Audit Essentials training course is developed for individuals interested in gaining basic competency in auditing, for example:

• Entry-level or Associate Auditor

• Internal and/or External Auditor

• Compliance or Operational Auditor

Course Details


1 Day(s)

  • English

Classroom and online


8 Credits

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